We advise private clients and their family offices on all aspects of property ownership around the world.

WebsterHart offers a fully tailored property management service to private clients and their advisors. This can be as comprehensive as required, according to the client’s needs and preferences. We aim to enhance our clients’ enjoyment of their homes whether they are occupied on a full or part-time basis. We oversee the management of the fabric of the building, the mechanical & electrical systems, home automation installations and the people within.

We currently manage in excess of £500,000,000 worth of prime residential real estate around the world.


We oversee the management of properties in their entirety, which includes facilities management, the management of household staff and the provision of household accounting services.

Many of the WebsterHart property management team are from family office and private house backgrounds. We not only understand private clients and how they want to enjoy their homes, but we also appreciate the pressure that their staff are under to provide a front of house experience to meet their clients’ expectations.


Our client base is international, culturally diverse and multi-jurisdictional. We adapt our service to recognise these differences; one thing all of our clients have in common is the ownership of substantial prime residential real estate in the best locations around the world.

We work closely with family offices, trust administrators and third-party fiduciary companies in the management of properties owned through structures and trusts.


The management of prime residential properties requires in-depth property knowledge, an understanding of private clients and dedication – we employ experienced and committed property professionals.

Our management systems ensure that the properties are kept in full working order through both preventative and reactive maintenance. 

Our international property network is second to none – WebsterHart only engages contractors and service providers of the highest calibre and their inclusion on our list of preferred suppliers is closely controlled.

The Finer Detail


We will create and implement a maintenance structure to provide a high level of service in line with the needs of the property and expectations of the occupants for both planned and reactive work.


Moving into a new home is never straightforward and can be a stressful time for all – WebsterHart can assist with all aspects of the move from liaising with international shipping companies, to finding house staff and engaging local contractors, and everything else in between.


We can advise on the structure of domestic staff to reflect the requirements of the clients and assist with their recruitment and on-going management.

We can also assist with sourcing of seasonal and occasional staff as required.


Our household accounting team can work with clients and their family offices to produce budgets for all areas of the property, produce reports on expenditure and settle property related invoices including monthly salary payments to staff.


WebsterHart also provides project management services for both major refurbishments and small works. Projects of any value can be a minefield of potential problems, and we ensure that the project and the terms of any agreements are set up correctly from the outset to protect the client’s best interests.


Every instruction is different and we can work on monthly fees or hourly rates accordingly.

To maintain our independence, we do not charge commissions or introductory fees, or add percentages to any costs negotiated on behalf of our clients.


The amount and quality of work that your team has produced in such a short time has been outstanding and we are making good progress on all fronts for now. We are delighted with how your team has guided and advised us from start to finish – we would have been lost without WebsterHart being involved.