St James - 8,500 sq ft Project & Property Management

For a Mayfair based client, we were asked to advise on the feasibility of major works to an existing property; it soon became clear that the value of this property would not sustain the planned level of improvement.  We supervised the sale and the subsequent purchase of a more appropriate property in St James. Over a four year period we provided full project management and contract administration services on the Grade 1 listed property from its former use as offices.  We assembled a team of professionals to obtain all consents and to carry out the very complex, demanding and high quality reconstruction of this 8,500 sq ft property. Throughout the project we worked as a team with the client’s financial and legal advisors.

During the course of the project and as part of our wider relationship with this client, we have also advised on property in North America and the Far East.

Holland Park - 17,000 sq ft Project Management

We appointed the professional team and main contractor and managed and coordinated the fit out of a new four level apartment extending to some 17,000 sq ft. This was a demanding complex assignment of the highest quality with works carried out at the same time as the overall development of three major buildings was ongoing.  Extensive negotiations and coordination with the main contractor and developer were required.

North London - 30,000 sq ft Property Management

We manage a 30,000 house for a permanent resident.  This requires extensive day to day management of all the fabric and systems within the property to ensure smooth occupation. Plant and machinery systems are a significant part of the task. In addition we assist with the efficient functioning of the property by advising on household staff. When the property is unoccupied we manage programmed works such that, on return from trips, the occupants benefit from improvements without the discomfort of being present during the work.  We report directly to the clients family office head.

Regents Park - 2,000 sq ft Project Management

We have advised on the upgrading of a 2,500 sq ft Grade II Listed apartment on The Crown Estate. Our role has been to manage the obtaining of all necessary consents, including from The Crown, the head lessee and all the residents.  During the pre-construction period as client representative, project manager and contract administrator, we have worked closely with the architects and the client on the design and finishes.  We have assembled the team of professionals, advised with the client’s lawyers, on the contracts and tendered the building works to main contractors.  During construction we will coordinate and manage all parties.

Mayfair - 20,000 sq ft Property Management

We manage a 20,000 sq ft Mayfair house for clients who are non-resident.  We report to overseas based trustees.  We provide essential maintenance support and household staff recruitment.  We oversee all works to the property on behalf of the trustees and administer the invoices.

Knightsbridge - 4,500 sq ft Project & Property Management

Following the complete refurbishment of this 4,500 sq ft house, which we project managed, we now manage it for clients who only occupy occasionally.  This is a light touch role for a relatively straightforward house; however as the house is unoccupied by staff, our role is crucial to the property (and therefore the clients) well-being and security.

St James - 4,000 sq ft Project & Property Management

We were brought into an existing project which required increased project management and the coordination of a claim against the superior landlords.  This was a very complex fit out of a shell and core duplex apartment of approximately 4,000 sq ft.  Working alongside the client’s family office and legal advisors we negotiated a substantial claim and improved the coordination and management of the works through to completion.  The family office have subsequently engaged WebsterHart on several more projects throughout the UK for the same client.

East Sussex - 800 Acres Project & Property Management

Coordination and management of major works to a 800 acre stud farm for an overseas client. Improvements included winning consent for and managing the construction of a new principle residence, construction of four new stable yards, barns and staff cottages.  Re-routing of a number of footpaths, extensive fencing of paddocks and general improvement of roads and facilities.

Kensington - 7,500 sq ft Project & Property Management

Planning, architectural, quantity surveying and project management services for the major reconstruction of a 7,500 sq ft house for a private client to include four separate apartments for letting. This was an extensive and complex project.  We now manage the property and the tenant relations for the European based client reporting to the family office in Geneva.

Kensington - 18,000 sq ft Property Management

Reporting to the owner’s family office and trustees we manage a main 18,000 sq ft house and seven adjacent flats both used by the family and leased.  We provide extensive services on maintenance, invoice administration, staff support and tenant support.

Bayswater - 14,000 sq ft Project Management

Major renovation including double basement of a 14,000 sq ft house located in a private square.  We have worked with the client’s professional team and main contractor as project manager.  The scale and complexity of the scheme and the setting created significant challenges.

Shropshire - 250 acres Project & Property Management

Engaged to complete and coordinate an extensive renovation of the principal residence, this involved financial control, payroll and contract administration.  The wider estate requires management including a high quality shoot.  Hospitality considerations have been part of the remit.

Hampshire - 40,000 sq ft Project Management

A highly complex and demanding project involving a listed manor house.  We were engaged to carry out an audit of an ongoing scheme which had developed considerable problems.  This resulted in our restructuring the professional team and re tendering the building contract.  A new programme and cost plan was required.

Somerset - 10,000 sq ft Project Management

Appointed to manage the completion of a substantial new principal residence.  This has required input into the financial position and the construction contract and obligations. In addition we are the managing the development of a new equestrian centre and boutique hotel.