We manage substantial properties for private clients, each of whom has unique requirements so we design our service to suit.

The management of sophisticated properties is complex and requires the appropriate level of expertise, experience and resource.

WebsterHart offers a fully tailored property management service to private clients’ and their advisors, which can be as comprehensive as required, according to client’s needs and preferences. We aim to enhance the use and enjoyment of our clients’ homes whether they are occupied on a full or part time basis.

We look after the fabric of the building, the mechanical & electrical systems, home automation installations, and the people within.

Many of the WebsterHart management team are from family office and private house backgrounds, so we not only understand private clients and how they want to enjoy their homes, but we also appreciate the pressure that their staff are under to provide a front of house experience to meet their clients’ expectations.

Our role can include advice on (and sourcing) appropriate domestic staff members, preparation and administration of payroll and the annual household budget.

For some clients we manage just one property, for others multiple properties worldwide; which range from modest apartments to large houses and houses with land in the country.


Property & Facilities Management

Using preferred suppliers, we create and implement a management structure to provide a high level of service in line with the needs of the building and expectations of the occupiers for both planned and reactive work. We only use contractors and service providers of the highest calibre, with whom we have built solid working relationships; regular supply chain assessments ensure the quality of all suppliers put forward is assured.

Each property has a dedicated property manager who works closely with the clients and their staff to provide a knowledgeable and, in the case of emergencies, round-the-clock service.


Renovation and Refurbishment

If the property has been recently renovated or refurbished, WebsterHart will manage the transition of the property from building project to home and ensure that any snags and defects are dealt with in accordance with the building contract. We produce comprehensive User Guides when appropriate.



WebsterHart will produce relevant periodic reports on property service, maintenance activity, expenditure vs budget and staff management.


Human Resources

We can advise on the structure of domestic staff arrangements to suit the property and to reflect the requirements of the occupying family. We can assist with the selection, recruitment and on-going management of staff.

For some clients we set up and oversee the organisation of payroll services through an approved accountant.


Financial Planning & Control

WebsterHart can produce an annual running cost budget including utilities, maintenance service and maintenance contracts, repairs, staff costs, etc. For many clients we receive all property related invoices for verification before payment.



WebsterHart works closely with family offices and trust administrators to ensure that properties under our management are administered and managed within the rules of a trust or ownership structure.