The management of capital expenditure projects is a key aspect of our business.

Setting up and controlling a multi-million pound refurbishment project, new build or fit out requires careful planning and the engagement of the very best professionals and contractors.

Experience has taught us that wealthy clients and their advisors value flexibility when engaging professionals.  Consequently, our role in the management of capital projects can vary from a light touch consultancy to full project management and contract administration.  We can if required –

  • Represent the client throughout the project from planning through to completion.
  • Advise on and approve the appointment of consultants to have the correct scope of services and appropriate fee levels.
  • Liaise with the professional team to secure planning and other required permissions.
  • Advise on contractor tendering process to suit the project and the market conditions.
  • Co-ordinate the preparation of master works programme.
  • Communicate client instructions to the project professionals.
  • Co-ordinate all actions and meetings necessary for the successful execution of the project.
  • Supply progress reports to provide clear and effective updates for the client.
  • Undertake financial monitoring including recommendations on all payments to the professional team and contractors.
  • Co-ordinate the handover and practical completion process.

To date we have been engaged in a diverse and challenging range of projects.  Budgets have ranged from a few hundred thousand to in excess of £30m.  These have included complex fit-out outs of new properties purchased in a shell and core condition to enable ultra-high level bespoke finishing, to Grade I listed historic property requiring extensive consultation with planning and heritage bodies.

Since the inception of WebsterHart, we have gained a unique insight into how best to balance private clients’ expectations with the industry capabilities and ways of working; it requires hard work, professionalism and diligence from our team. We have learned who the best contractors and professionals are (and who are not) and learned that there is an ever-evolving pool of talent.  We have been introduced to new clients by leading architects who value our coordinating role and we have frequently been brought in to advise on troubled projects by private client lawyers and by clients directly; troubleshooting problem projects is a regular part of our service.