Private Property Consultants

WebsterHart was founded in 2009. We provide advice to private clients and their family offices, covering all aspects of their property ownership and we do this from the clients’ perspective.

Many of our staff are drawn from family office positions and all of our people are high calibre property professionals with expertise in the management and construction of prime residential property.  Our team also includes Chartered Architects and Chartered Surveyors. We become trusted advisers to our clients by aligning ourselves with their interests over extended periods of time – this is a crucial aspect of our practice.  Clients’, family office heads and their advisers know what they want to achieve, but are frequently frustrated by property-centric advice which does not meet expectations.

We have a unique blend of skills and are able to engage the industry’s best consultants and contractors to provide a highly individual service to clients’ so that their requirements are met in a discreet and confidential way.  London is the main focus but we become involved wherever our retained clients need us in the UK and abroad.

Property Management

The management of sophisticated properties is time consuming and the appropriate level of resource, knowledge and experience is essential.

Capital Projects

The management of premium quality residential projects is complex and requires a high degree of skill, professionalism and transparency.

Case Studies

Whether managing people or technical aspects, each project or property creates its own challenges to be overcome by team work and professionalism.